The Firm

Since its incorporation in 1969, the Firm evolves in a context of growth of its activities and rapid evolution. Over numerous achievements, NCK has built and claims to a world-renowned expertise.

Bearing in mind the need to participate in the development of the practice of consulting engineering, many members of the Firm have been involved and still participate in the activities of different technical committees, at the national level as well as internationally. In this manner, over the years, the partners have sat on committees entrusted with the responsibilities to draft codes and guidelines, on learned societies and have chaired or have participated in the work of scientific and technical commissions set up by the government of the province of Quebec.

The field of structural engineering is constantly evolving. In the context of top-quality professional services, the impacts of jobsite organization, control over building trades and integration of interventions become the primary considerations that alter project profitability. Therefore, the engineer’s role, as envisioned by NCK, becomes an important factor in a project’s success.

This is why NCK is currently completing its corporate reorganization. To the founding members, two engineers joined the management team, Valérie Chartrand, M.Sc. and Guillaume Sieprawski, M.Sc. Members of the Firm for many years, both are known for their professionalism and their involvement in some of the Firm’s most important projects.

The Firm holds authorization from the AMF.

The Management Team

  • NCK Inc.
  • Roger Nicolet, Eng.
  • Franz Knoll, Eng.
  • Jacques Chartrand, Eng.
  • Alain Déom, Eng.
  • Valérie Chartrand, Eng.
  • Guillaume Sieprawski, Eng.
  • NCK Engineering Ltd.
  • Jamil Mardukhi, P. Eng.

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