Lali Bridge

Lali Bridge

Lali Bridge

Lali, Iran

Length of bridge:
Length of center span:
Height of bridge above river bed:
Height of pylons:

460 m
256 m
± 150 m
145 m
135 m

In the bridge crossing the Karun river valley and future water reservoir near the town of Lali, Khuzestan, Iran, the firm participated in the conceptual design and provided a peer review of drawings, studies and specifications.

The classic cable-stayed design was carefully optimized to reflect the various conditions during erection and use when the pylons will be submerged, or free standing, depending on the water table in the future reservoir. The bridge carries two lanes of traffic as well as pipelines.

The pylons are founded on caissons sunk into the steep slopes of the deep river gorge and constructed in slip-formed concrete. The bridge itself is of composite design using steel girders and precast concrete plates joined by wet joints.

In depth studies were conducted with respect to the strong earthquakes predicted for the region.

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